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Described by the Financial Times as the ‘world-leading authority on fine violins’, Florian Leonhard Fine Violins holds an unrivalled reputation for making, restoring, sourcing and authenticating fine instruments.

Fine Restoration & Repair

Our restoration practices are of the highest quality, precision and craftsmanship. The restorers in our workshop are able to restore instruments down to the smallest detail, in the precise style of any given maker.

Buying an Instrument

We understand the supreme importance of finding the right instrument. With a broad selection at every level, our goal is to ensure that players of all levels can select from the finest collection available.


A certificate of authenticity from FLFV guarantees that the instrument is genuine, protects its value and prevents counterfeit activity in the market. As an internationally known authenticator, Florian provides clients with certification to offer complete peace of mind when buying and selling instruments.


Our certificate of authenticity is internationally recognised, universally accepted and presented with all our instruments.


Our valuation service is rooted in the most accurate and current data collected from across the entire spectrum of violin markets. The research carried out by our company has been used as benchmark information in articles by Bloomberg, The Times and The Economist.